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Weekend Update

So, today I am off to Cambridge for the Viking Society Student Conference and after that I am staying there until Tuesday for some medieval manuscript group work with some of my colleagues. I haven't had much time to work on my PhD this week as I was catching up with the manuscript work. Here's a rather big manuscript facsimile that I've had out of the UCL library for the past year (no one is using it so I might as well keep it in my flat, even though I work mostly through digital images ha ha):

I finally got around into trying my Vanilla-chan OP this week even though I didn't wear it outside. I was planning to wear it at the Tangled Mini-meet last weekend, but I was sick (migraines + PMSing...) so unfortunately I missed it!

OP, socks: AP
Headbows: AP, Ribbon Groupie
Shoes: Bodyline
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