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Q-pot cuties

I just got the latest Q-pot catalogue for the 2011-2012 Early Spring collection today. I am a sucker for Q-pot Mooks cause they always come with really nice freebies. This one came with a macaron print tote bag and a little round pouch. There were two versions, pink and mint (I chose the mint one). The bag is a dodgy thin plastic material rather than fabric, but I like it nonetheless.

I thought I'd share some scans for anyone who'd care to see the nice ads and some (fairly) new products. My favourites are the valentine chocolate ones and the Winnie the Pooh honey macarons! If you click on the images a couple of times you can see a larger version:

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Aqua Princess, Nana Kitade, Q-Pot scans and a couple of coords <3

Yay, Aqua Princess is here!!
Still no matching accessories though :/ I really need a cute lilac seahorse plush to customize and the only one that I like seems to be out of stock everywhere.... 

AP socks arrived too & I also got the Q-Pot Early Spring Collection mook cause it came with a free chocolate print tote bag and apron, so I can turn the apron into a headbow to match the ETC bears & chocolate jsk. I think I will keep the tote, it's cute and useful. Now all I need to do is learn how to use my sewing machine and how to make a bow. This may take a while.... :S

Here are some scans from the "Melty Wedding" theme in the Mook:
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