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Tea Party Club anniversary feat. Juliette et Justine, G&LB & Koitsukihime

As soon as I sort through my pics from this weekend I will post them on Facebook, but until then, quick entry about the event + some outfit shots!

Pic with Mariko Suzuki-san (editor of the Gothic & Lolita Bible) and Mari Nakamura-san (the head desiger of Juliette and Justine) They were both so amazing, beautiful and stylish!!

Mari Nakamura; Mariko Suzuki

The true highlight of the event however was after many emotional thank-yous to everyone, when it was our turn to thank Kyra for organizing this massive event, Dom fell on one knee and proposed to her in front of everyone!!! No, really, this happened. We were all trying not to cry and ruin our make-up. And the next day Nakamura-san announced she will be designing Kyra's wedding dress and will be even going to her wedding. How awesome is that? How are we ever gonna top all this at the next Tea Party Club anniversary...? Is this real life even???

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