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Sax spring coord & ETC chocolate & stuffed toys dream dress <3

I hope everyone has had a happy Easter & looking forward to another bank holiday weekend!
I have to say, these long weekends are all the same to me, I don't think any of it makes any difference when you are a student and have to study (or feel the guilt...) 24/7... The only pleasant difference is that Mark is home in the morning so we can work / study in each other's company <3 

I didn't even put together an Easter coord even though I enjoyed looking at everyone else's on Daily Lolita. But here's some bunny ears at least:

Outfit Rundown:
Jsk, usamimi: Btssb
Cardi, socks, sandals: AP

Today I also received one of my dream dresses, the Emily Temple Cute stuffed toys and choc jsk in sax:

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