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Disney World trip (part 2/2)

I didn't finish posting the pics from my trip to Disney World in my last post, so here are some from the Epcot park!

I didn't visit any of the other parks cause I was trying to be good & study as well as rest, but on a day that Mark didn't have many sessions to attend, we spent the morning together going on rides and looking out for Disney characters.

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Disney World trip (part 1/2)

I realized that I forgot to post any pics from my recent trip to Disney World!

Mark was presenting this year at the IBM Lotusphere conference which is held in Florida & within Disney World, so for once I decided to tag along! He has been there twice before, but even though I wanted to go with him, it always seemed like such a long and expensive trip and also I couldn't take so many days off from studying. But this year I finally decided to just pack my books & laptop and go for it!

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Aqua Princess, Nana Kitade, Q-Pot scans and a couple of coords <3

Yay, Aqua Princess is here!!
Still no matching accessories though :/ I really need a cute lilac seahorse plush to customize and the only one that I like seems to be out of stock everywhere.... 

AP socks arrived too & I also got the Q-Pot Early Spring Collection mook cause it came with a free chocolate print tote bag and apron, so I can turn the apron into a headbow to match the ETC bears & chocolate jsk. I think I will keep the tote, it's cute and useful. Now all I need to do is learn how to use my sewing machine and how to make a bow. This may take a while.... :S

Here are some scans from the "Melty Wedding" theme in the Mook:
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