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Some outfits + general update :)

I realized I haven't updated my journal in ages, since the summer actually! 

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Paris trip & Angelic Pretty Tea Party

So, reading other people's entries I realised I totally forgot to make an entry about my Paris trip. I already posted most of the pics on Facebook and my outfits on daily_lolita so this will just be just a quick overview  

I only went for a couple of days really, I didn't have time to attend the Japan Expo unfortunately like most of the other London girls did. Mel was kind enough to pick up a copy of Misako's book for me however and have it signed, yay!

I arrived in Paris Saturday night and roomed in with Chrissi & her awesome bear, Robbeart <3 Kyra, Mel and Aggie were staying in the same hotel, so it was great to be able to head out to the Tea Party together the next morning. The Tea Party was awesome, the French lolis were all fantastic and the staff at AP as well as Maki and Asuka were all very friendly and welcoming. Everyone just looked so pretty, I was mesmerized by all the colourful coords!  
I was a bit worried beforehand that I wasn't gonna be able to understand anything, but everyone was so gracious and making an effort to say everything in English, for which I was very grateful. I have to start learning some basic  French if I am planning to attend next year and make some effort myself I think!!

The drinks and food were spectacular (me and Mel stuck mainly with the drinks as vegans in a room full of cupcakes, cakes, candies and macarons but oh well, can't complain!) 
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Really busy this week, trying to finish everything before the Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris this weekend. I am still revising a chapter I wrote, I just can't seem to finish and let it go :(( But I have to by Friday, otherwise I can't go to Paris with a clear conscience ;_;
I painted some shoes for the first time!

Seeing as my outfit for the Tea Party will be mostly black, I wanted to add some colour to match the Aqua Princess print, so I painted a pair of plain black shoes I had glittery purple! 
Now I need to decide if I should wear them or go with a different pair of shoes. I like the colour but are they too silly maybe? I dunno....
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Yay, Aqua Princess is here!!
Still no matching accessories though :/ I really need a cute lilac seahorse plush to customize and the only one that I like seems to be out of stock everywhere.... 

AP socks arrived too & I also got the Q-Pot Early Spring Collection mook cause it came with a free chocolate print tote bag and apron, so I can turn the apron into a headbow to match the ETC bears & chocolate jsk. I think I will keep the tote, it's cute and useful. Now all I need to do is learn how to use my sewing machine and how to make a bow. This may take a while.... :S

Here are some scans from the "Melty Wedding" theme in the Mook:
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I hope everyone has had a happy Easter & looking forward to another bank holiday weekend!
I have to say, these long weekends are all the same to me, I don't think any of it makes any difference when you are a student and have to study (or feel the guilt...) 24/7... The only pleasant difference is that Mark is home in the morning so we can work / study in each other's company <3 

I didn't even put together an Easter coord even though I enjoyed looking at everyone else's on Daily Lolita. But here's some bunny ears at least:

Outfit Rundown:
Jsk, usamimi: Btssb
Cardi, socks, sandals: AP

Today I also received one of my dream dresses, the Emily Temple Cute stuffed toys and choc jsk in sax:

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Mar. 27th, 2011

Had a perfect Sunday evening :)
I baked some vegan lemon buttercream biscuits, they turned out a bit too sweet for my taste but still yummy! And then had tea & cocktails in bed while watching Tron with my sweetheart <3
We went to see Tron Legacy few weeks ago at the Imax and it was awesome!

I wonder if anyone else is really excited about Closet Child saying they will start accepting international orders for the stuff they put up on their blog!! They announced it here on their Facebook: www.facebook.com/closetchild
I can't wait! 

Weekend Update

So, today I am off to Cambridge for the Viking Society Student Conference and after that I am staying there until Tuesday for some medieval manuscript group work with some of my colleagues. I haven't had much time to work on my PhD this week as I was catching up with the manuscript work. Here's a rather big manuscript facsimile that I've had out of the UCL library for the past year (no one is using it so I might as well keep it in my flat, even though I work mostly through digital images ha ha):

I finally got around into trying my Vanilla-chan OP this week even though I didn't wear it outside. I was planning to wear it at the Tangled Mini-meet last weekend, but I was sick (migraines + PMSing...) so unfortunately I missed it!

OP, socks: AP
Headbows: AP, Ribbon Groupie
Shoes: Bodyline
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Jan. 14th, 2011

So I was lazy and didn't do an update during Xmas - I was in Greece (Athens) visiting my parents, and spent most of the time with family, my best friends, reading, and listening to audio books. Then Mark came over for New Year's. Didn't take many pics really, with the exception of a couple of a random but very friendly neighbourhood cat that came and visited us and the awesome vegan gingerbread house we made: 

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Bears <3

So last week my Little Bear's Cafe skirt & socks arrived!

I really loved this from the first moment I saw it in Kera, but I thought I'd wait in case AP came out straight after with something I liked more. That didn't happen, so I finally gave in and got LBC.

Best surprise: Along with the usual lovely note from chibi_tenshi, I also got a little card from the AP Sendai shop manager, Sato! It made me so happy :)

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