Aliki (alice_ciel) wrote,

Few pretty things

I got *my dream shoes*!

It was a big surpirise, not only because they have been sold out for quite some time now, but mainly because AP only released them in sizes S-L and according to them L = 24,5 - so I always assumed I needed an LL. I saw them listed in L on Closet Child however, and CC listed the insole measurement as 25,5 (my size!). God I love how CC seem to take their own measurements of the stuff they stock rather than just rely on what the brands say! What's even better - they fit perfectly!


I also got some Chocomint accessories from Closet Child:

I finally got myself a brand new black bag from Baby. I used chibi_tenshi 's shopping service for it as usual which is ace - even though ordering directly is easy, last time I did so I had to pay around £76 in customs & Parcelforce fees etc. so I try to avoid it unless it's for smaller purchases. And most of the stuff from the Paris Baby blog gets sold out really fast so I never got the chance to order from them.

Next week I am hoping to receive the Aristo Kitty's Invitation socks in sax <3 I got them to match my Heart Marble Chocolate and sugar coated cookies jsk which is a bit of a difficult sax to match - Baby may call it all "sax" but sometimes like in the case of Heart Marble,  it is more of a minty sax that it tricky to find accessories for :/


Some time ago I also participated in my first EGL Group Order - It was a GO for Chocomint organized by thevisual_beast . So last week I received my sweet Ribbon Holic necklace [and I'm already craving for another Chocomint GO fix]


I guess that's enough with frivolities for now, as much as I'd like to stare at glittery piccies of pretty things all day, I have to get on with working on my paper for the upcoming Nordic Research Network postgrad symposium!

Tags: angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, chocomint, closet child, ribbon holic, sweet lolita

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