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Some outfits + general update :)

I realized I haven't updated my journal in ages, since the summer actually! 

So here are some outfits from the last couple of months... I wore Vampire Requiem to see Versailles live, it was such an awesome night, including the meet & greet! The salopette outfit is from a casual day in the Wellcome Library and the Star Night Theatre from the MCM Expo recently. The Expo was on Halloween weekend, so I tried to go with a circus theme by accessorizing SNT with Sentimental Circus plushies on my hair and on my bag   

And here's a pic of me from the summer, heading to Hogwards ha ha:

But seriously, has anyone else seen the 9 and 3/4 'platform' thingy at Kings Cross? They put it up a while ago but it was swamped with tourists every day, queuing to take pics. Finally it was a bit less crowded and Mark took my picture with the trolley :) 

From the same day - Plushie microbes!! 

They have these at the Wellcome Collection shop! The blue one is a common cold, the lilac one is Epstein-Barr virus, the brown one with the tentacles is E.coli, and the cute mint one is the flu! 

So what's new since the summer....
I started a new job! I got a part-time job at the UCL Library as a shelver, the same job I used to do before I started my PhD. I really love it! I didn't wanna leave it at all when I started on my PhD but it was on the terms of my scholarship that I couldn't hold a paid job for that many hours while getting funding for my research. I am so happy when I am working at the Library - it's only a few hours but I like putting books in order and stuff, and all my supervisors and co-workers are so lovely! 

This is the 4th & last year of my PhD so I have to do my best and write everything up! I need to have a full draft ready by June and submit around September 2012 *terror*

Lolita-wise, I have been looking more and more at classic dresses. I got some JetJ and VM second-hand from Closet Child and Alice+Fururun but haven't had a chance to wear any of it yet. Not that I will ever stop wearing sweet though, I am eagerly waiting for the next AP Carousel print!  

Speaking of sweet, Kyra's cute handmade bunny rings! How awesome are they? 

I think that's all for now, I think I need a hot bath, it's getting so cold in London!! 

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