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Hyper Japan weekend (Image heavy!)

 Hyper Japan was awesome again this year! 20

When HJ was first announced there didn't seem to be many lolita-related events, but this soon changed thanks to the efforts of blondedebates  and pixie_late.

Kyra organized a Lolita Bring & Buy stall, as well as two lolita fashion shows: Cute & Colourful on Saturday and Elegant &Sophisticated on Sunday. Tania urged everyone to e-mail Baby / AatP and ask them to attend, which they did, and also organized two Tea Parties with special guest Kanon Wakeshima! 

So tons of thanks to both Tania and Kyra for making this so much more fun for all the lolis! 

Friday, 22. July
On Friday I barely just made it for the Tea Party in the afternoon. In the morning I had to go to the Parcelforce Depot to pick up my wig that had been kept at customs for a week. I made it back home just in time to get ready, so I didn't have any time to trim the wig as I wanted to  Oh well.
This was my outfit & nails for the day:

Kanon showing us her cute nails:
(Pic credit: Steffi Santiago)

The Tea Party took place at the Maid Cafe of the the event. Kanon went around and sat at each table, and we got to ask her questions and chat to her. 
Some of the questions our table got to ask - 
 What her favourite book is - she took a while and then said Alice in Wonderland (I suspect she was trying to think of something that would be familiar to us)
 What would her dream dress be - she described a Chandalier-styled dress
 Whether she is thinking of designing clothes - she mentioned her collaboration with AatP and said that she likes drawing clothes
 And finally Bree asked the million-dollar question: Whether Mana-sama ever speaks to her :O
Apparently no, they just write to each other. 
Group picture:
(Credit: Steffi Santiago)
Everyone at the Tea Party got cupcakes and also a freebie face cleanser oil (random, I know, but it's actually quite good!) and there was also a raffle with prizes in the end! (Don't ask if I won't anything, I mean, do I ever? Me and Chrissy should totally run our own raffle between the two of us with prizes for 2 XD).
Saturday, 23. July

On Saturday I missed the fashion show unfortunately. It was starting pretty early, at 10 am and it took me ages to get there - I had to take 3 trains + walking so yeah :(( But I did get to admire everyone's gorgeous outfits throughout the rest of the day! Kanon Wakeshima performed a set on stage, it was really great. I feel that I like her music even more after seeing her live.
This was my outfit for Saturday: 
 Wing was also wearing VR so we were accidental twins, yay! 
Close-up of (tacky) nails:
Sunday, 24. July

On Sunday I managed to make it in time for the fashion show which was amazing!
I posted most of the individual model shots on facebook but here is a group pic of all the models and lolitas on stage at the end of the show:

Since it was a Sunday I felt like staying comfy, so I went with a casual coord. In retrospect my tee didn't go at all with my skirt but oh well, hindsight is 20/20 as they say, huh. Anyway, my theme for the day was bears & sweets 

Here are some pics with the gorgeous Memz who was also wearing Little Bear's Cafe:

 And my nails & accessories for the day: 

Apart from the AP tea cup ring, I got all the other rings from HJ. The ice cream scoop ring is by the lovely Louisa, she makes deco stuff of really awesome quality. Check out her shop Icing Sugar for loli clothes and accessories! The chocolate ring is by pixie_late (no shop link yet I am afraid!) and the golden bear ring is by Miwary

I also got this handmade bear brooch from Sugarglass. The lady at their stall said she can do any animal / design in any colours upon request (they also had bunnies and other things!) :

The Baby shop had quite a few items on sale this year at really good prices, so I got this AatP cutsew, and they gave me a lovely tote bag and a Kanon postcard for free. Kanon Wakeshima performed another set, this time shorter though, and later she came over to the Baby stall for a signing.

Flower Sound Orchestra is Kanon's Illustration Book, it is full of beautiful drawings:
Overall it was a great weekend & it was great to see & meet so many people!
I am already looking forward to next year's event!  

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