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Paris trip & Angelic Pretty Tea Party

So, reading other people's entries I realised I totally forgot to make an entry about my Paris trip. I already posted most of the pics on Facebook and my outfits on daily_lolita so this will just be just a quick overview  

I only went for a couple of days really, I didn't have time to attend the Japan Expo unfortunately like most of the other London girls did. Mel was kind enough to pick up a copy of Misako's book for me however and have it signed, yay!

I arrived in Paris Saturday night and roomed in with Chrissi & her awesome bear, Robbeart <3 Kyra, Mel and Aggie were staying in the same hotel, so it was great to be able to head out to the Tea Party together the next morning. The Tea Party was awesome, the French lolis were all fantastic and the staff at AP as well as Maki and Asuka were all very friendly and welcoming. Everyone just looked so pretty, I was mesmerized by all the colourful coords!  
I was a bit worried beforehand that I wasn't gonna be able to understand anything, but everyone was so gracious and making an effort to say everything in English, for which I was very grateful. I have to start learning some basic  French if I am planning to attend next year and make some effort myself I think!!

The drinks and food were spectacular (me and Mel stuck mainly with the drinks as vegans in a room full of cupcakes, cakes, candies and macarons but oh well, can't complain!) 
They were also very generous with the prizes:
The party was pretty easy-going, everybody just hung out, and there was a raffle with prizes and a magician doing tricks, as well as Maki and Asuka going around and taking pictures with everyone. They obviously don't speak much English and most of us didn't speak any Japanese but it was cool anyway, they were trying to relate to people and compliment everyone - Asuka saw the seahorse on my hairbow and was telling us how to say 'seahorse' in Japanese (it was very very difficult is all I can remember) <3 She also took some pics of us London Lolis as a group 
Before the end everyone got an envelope with a cookie in the shape of an animal (Toy Fantasy-inspired) and people who had stickers on theirs got extra prizes! When we were leaving they also gave us all a goodie bag, with a French Cafe printed little drawstring bag and a Sheep Garden postcard. 
At the end of the Party most people were making plans for the night, but I was pretty shattered (too old for late nights!!). Me and Mel were pretty much starving by the time it was over, so we bought plenty of fresh veggies on our way back and then had a yummy raw vegan 'bed picnic' at the hotel (French avocadoes are just delicious)! The others came back later and Chrissi kept us all entertained by playing 'Bottom' on her laptop XD
Pic of random swag (Chrissi gave me the French cafe postcard, as she had two - thankiesss!):
On Monday we went for a relaxed tea/coffee in the morning and then for dessert at a really nice café that Emma had picked and then headed to the Lolita convention that was going on. It was great to see and meet so many people again, though the venue was extremely hot (basically looked like a greenhouse in the heatwave). There was a Chantilly stall were I got some cute socks 
In the evening I had to catch the Eurostar and finally go back to London. Few days later, a card from AP arrived with a group photo of all of us from the Tea Party & signed by Maki and Asuka!

All in all, I had a fantastic time & I am definitely going to try and go again next year! 
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