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Weekend Update

So, today I am off to Cambridge for the Viking Society Student Conference and after that I am staying there until Tuesday for some medieval manuscript group work with some of my colleagues. I haven't had much time to work on my PhD this week as I was catching up with the manuscript work. Here's a rather big manuscript facsimile that I've had out of the UCL library for the past year (no one is using it so I might as well keep it in my flat, even though I work mostly through digital images ha ha):

I finally got around into trying my Vanilla-chan OP this week even though I didn't wear it outside. I was planning to wear it at the Tangled Mini-meet last weekend, but I was sick (migraines + PMSing...) so unfortunately I missed it!

OP, socks: AP
Headbows: AP, Ribbon Groupie
Shoes: Bodyline
I recently got these two Ribbon Groupie 2-way bows that I adore - Ribbon Groupie is Misako Aoki's brand of accessories, there is not much out yet, but I hope they will come up with more stuff! I like how simple and yet cute they are! The heart clips are removable so they can be worn seperately from the bows.


On Wednesday I went out for lunch with my brother and I wore a casual coord:

Jsk: Meta
Bolero, socks, bag: Btssb
Headdress: Moitie
Shoes: Bodyline
Capelet: Sechuna

Here's a close-up of the bunny, it's a bag in itself (it has a small pocket on its back), I got it from Accessorize, but I hated the handles it had on so I ripped them out and clipped it on my bag instead. Mark named it PomPom <3

My brother had just come back from Paris and he brought me back this dress, he is always so thoughtful - I really love it, it's pretty much the style I wear daily (forgive the complete lack of make-up):

I wonder what everyone is doing for Valentine's day! I never celebrate it really as our anniversary is three days later, on Feb. 17, but this year I am gonna be so busy on both days, away in Cambridge on Valentine's and on our anniversary I have a medieval Scandinavian seminar at UCL in the evening. Oh well! 

Speaking of Valentine's, I have been doing more baking recently, I got a new book, "The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur" and the recipes are easy to make and they are  turning out pretty well (and most importantly, they don't look like the typical vegan stuff that looks like vomit >:C ). Last Sunday I baked these coffee & Kahlua cookies, with a topping of Kahlua frosting and grated chocolate:

I guess that is all for now, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and a great Valentine's day (regardless of relationship status - it's all about the chocolate!!!)

Tags: angelic pretty, meta, ribbon groupie, sweet lolita, yummies

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