March 15th, 2012

Hyper Japan outfit pics + stuff

Belated but oh well! 
I posted all my people pics on Facebook right after Hyper Japan, but I thought I should post some pics here since I use this journal mostly for outfits and stuff.... 

I only went to HJ on Saturday this time. I decided to wear a comfy layered Cult Party-style coord rather than lolita, and it was supposed to be a pretty chill morning, but it ended up being a bit of a disaster. While getting ready, I managed to stub my toe on a chair and rip my nail off, which just wouldn't stop bleeding. As my outfit was all-white, I had to wait for the bleeding to stop before putting anything on. Then I proceeded to burn one of my hair pompoms with the hair dryer. And by the time we got there, my contact lenses had irritated my eyes so much, that they were hurting like hell and everything was blurry. The consensus seemed to be that going blind is not a good thing, so I ended up taking them off and chucking them away.... 

(second pic by Mia <3)


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