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Hyper Japan Nov. 2012

I still need to sort all my pics from yesterday (see: filter the heck out of them cause the lighting was so unflattering -_-) before posting them on Facebook, but here's a few outfit & haul pics since I haven't updated my LJ in a while! 2046409

I wore a very comfy h.Naoto FRILL jsk in an all-white coord:

h.Naoto FRILL

Make-up & little Angelic Pretty bear brooch added to my headdress:

The main attraction for me was the Marble Collection show, which erm.... DIDN'T HAPPEN :|
I have no idea what HJ were thinking when they clearly advertised the show + a panel and all it turned out to be was just a panel. That was a huge disappointment for me, but at least I still had a very lovely day seeing friends plus staying for the Ninjaman Japan show in the end.

I loved the Pixie Bunny stall! This was a new one, stocked with all sorts of goodies like accessories, tights, eyelashes, Swimmer products etc. that Tania brought back from Japan! 



I got these Kyary x Mameshiba collab tights:


My other favourite shop was Miwary. I always look forward to her stall at events, she makes amazing fabric teacups, animal head rings, and all sorts of accessories that go really well with Mori, Dolly-kei and Cult Party. 


I got this cute bunny head ring and this cat brooch. My phone's camera won't pick up details nicely, but the fabric of the brooch has a delicate gold thread and is covered with lace!


Aaaaand Juliette et Justine tights!!!! Well I didn't buy these at HJ, but rather met Kyra there who gave them to me, she was kind enough to add them to her own order for me a while ago! 


And lastly, a pic from the Ninjaman Japan show! It was great fun, I'm happy I stayed until the end for it!

Ninjaman Japan

That's it for now, I'm gonna post more pics of people & outfits on Facebook later! xxx 41737_d

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