Hyper Japan Nov. 2012

I still need to sort all my pics from yesterday (see: filter the heck out of them cause the lighting was so unflattering -_-) before posting them on Facebook, but here's a few outfit & haul pics since I haven't updated my LJ in a while! 2046409

I wore a very comfy h.Naoto FRILL jsk in an all-white coord:

h.Naoto FRILL

Make-up & little Angelic Pretty bear brooch added to my headdress:

The main attraction for me was the Marble Collection show, which erm.... DIDN'T HAPPEN :|
I have no idea what HJ were thinking when they clearly advertised the show + a panel and all it turned out to be was just a panel. That was a huge disappointment for me, but at least I still had a very lovely day seeing friends plus staying for the Ninjaman Japan show in the end.

I loved the Pixie Bunny stall! This was a new one, stocked with all sorts of goodies like accessories, tights, eyelashes, Swimmer products etc. that Tania brought back from Japan! 

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Tea Party Club anniversary feat. Juliette et Justine, G&LB & Koitsukihime

As soon as I sort through my pics from this weekend I will post them on Facebook, but until then, quick entry about the event + some outfit shots!

Pic with Mariko Suzuki-san (editor of the Gothic & Lolita Bible) and Mari Nakamura-san (the head desiger of Juliette and Justine) They were both so amazing, beautiful and stylish!!

Mari Nakamura; Mariko Suzuki

The true highlight of the event however was after many emotional thank-yous to everyone, when it was our turn to thank Kyra for organizing this massive event, Dom fell on one knee and proposed to her in front of everyone!!! No, really, this happened. We were all trying not to cry and ruin our make-up. And the next day Nakamura-san announced she will be designing Kyra's wedding dress and will be even going to her wedding. How awesome is that? How are we ever gonna top all this at the next Tea Party Club anniversary...? Is this real life even???

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Toy Parade salopette & Okadaya flower haul

I thought I'd post a coord with the Toy Parade salopette I got ages ago. It is definitely one of my favourite prints, but I haven't been going out much at all lately, so I haven't had many chances to wear it 41242_d

                                                                   41689_d 41256_d 41690_d

I decided to do some crafting and make a floral headdress and maybe a brooch or two for the Juliette et Justine event & Tea Party!
I have had trouble finding decent millinery flowers before. A lot of the ones from online shops look ok in pics but then look frayed and rubbish in real life, so I didn't wanna risk ordering from a shop I don't know well. Last time I was looking for flowers I went to a variety of craft shops and the only good ones I found in a shop in Soho were soooo expensive. Great quality, even though nothing amazing, but retailing around £25-40 per flower, so really not worth it when I need a lot of them.

So I made up my mind to order from Okadaya which stocks a lot of the amazing roses that loli brands use for their accessories. They are so cheap and the quality is definitely the best I have ever seen. Most flowers start at 90-100 yen which is around £1 and even some of the bigger and most expensive ones are around 500 yen (~£4). I think it was well worth paying for the shipping from Japan, since even that would barely buy me one decent flower in Soho, lol.

41224_d Pics :  41224_d

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Some pics and quick update


Haven't been much outside lately, as I've been having a tough time with my thesis. I decided to cancel my trip to Paris for the Baby Tea Party + Expo, I'm way too busy to be having weekends away at the moment. I feel pretty sad about it but at the same time I also feel better cause it feels like the right thing to do. Oh well, next year I will be done with my PhD so I'll be ready for all the Tea Parties!

I did have one evening out last week - I went to the end of year exhibition of the school of architecture at the Metropolitan Uni, where my brother teaches. It's only a walk down the road from where I live, so me & Mark decided to pop in to have a look and also catch up with my brother. 

 I finally got around to wearing an old Gunne Sax dress I picked up from Etsy ages ago:

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London Egg hunt!

A couple of weeks ago me & Mark went out to see some of the Fabergé Eggs that have been scattered over London as part of the Big Egg Hunt! At first I didn't see the point of the whole thing, but the more I saw friends' posts on Facebook about it, the more I got excited and wanted to see the eggs myself! Lol, I am so easily influenced... This is what I wore on the day (pic is crappy cause it was so, so sunny on the day!):


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Hyper Japan outfit pics + stuff

Belated but oh well! 
I posted all my people pics on Facebook right after Hyper Japan, but I thought I should post some pics here since I use this journal mostly for outfits and stuff.... 

I only went to HJ on Saturday this time. I decided to wear a comfy layered Cult Party-style coord rather than lolita, and it was supposed to be a pretty chill morning, but it ended up being a bit of a disaster. While getting ready, I managed to stub my toe on a chair and rip my nail off, which just wouldn't stop bleeding. As my outfit was all-white, I had to wait for the bleeding to stop before putting anything on. Then I proceeded to burn one of my hair pompoms with the hair dryer. And by the time we got there, my contact lenses had irritated my eyes so much, that they were hurting like hell and everything was blurry. The consensus seemed to be that going blind is not a good thing, so I ended up taking them off and chucking them away.... 

(second pic by Mia <3)


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Disney World trip (part 2/2)

I didn't finish posting the pics from my trip to Disney World in my last post, so here are some from the Epcot park!

I didn't visit any of the other parks cause I was trying to be good & study as well as rest, but on a day that Mark didn't have many sessions to attend, we spent the morning together going on rides and looking out for Disney characters.

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Disney World trip (part 1/2)

I realized that I forgot to post any pics from my recent trip to Disney World!

Mark was presenting this year at the IBM Lotusphere conference which is held in Florida & within Disney World, so for once I decided to tag along! He has been there twice before, but even though I wanted to go with him, it always seemed like such a long and expensive trip and also I couldn't take so many days off from studying. But this year I finally decided to just pack my books & laptop and go for it!

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Q-pot cuties

I just got the latest Q-pot catalogue for the 2011-2012 Early Spring collection today. I am a sucker for Q-pot Mooks cause they always come with really nice freebies. This one came with a macaron print tote bag and a little round pouch. There were two versions, pink and mint (I chose the mint one). The bag is a dodgy thin plastic material rather than fabric, but I like it nonetheless.

I thought I'd share some scans for anyone who'd care to see the nice ads and some (fairly) new products. My favourites are the valentine chocolate ones and the Winnie the Pooh honey macarons! If you click on the images a couple of times you can see a larger version:

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Grimoire tights yay!

I just received my Stained Glass tights from the Grimoire Verum line and they are so pretty! 

In other news, I am getting ready to leave for Xmas holidays! I am flying back to Greece on Thursday and will be back on the 3rd of January. And on the 13th of January I am going to Disney World, Florida!!
Mark is going there for the IBM Lotusphere conference, so I thought that for once I should tag along! The conference takes place within Disney World, so we are staying in one of the resorts there (can't remember if it's the Dolphin or the Swan one...)

I am really busy with studying though, so I will do my best to finish a chapter while I am in Greece and then write a seminar paper while I am in Disney World. So that's it, instead of making New Year's resolutions, I am making these two December 20. resolutions that I am gonna stick with through Xmas and beyond... *determined*.

Speaking of Disney, I was at the Disney Store in London yesterday shopping for presents and they had so many nice displays! I hadn't been in ages, and it has really improved, it made me not want to leave!

I also got some good news today, I had submitted an abstract for an international conference that will take place in Aarhus, Denmark, in August and I got an email today that it got accepted, so I am quite happy about that. It only takes place once every three years, and when I attended the last one I was in the very early stages of my PhD, so I didn't feel confident enough to give a paper. A lot of my friends will be speaking there too, so I am quite looking forward to it! 

Don't think I have any recent outfit shots, but here's an accessory shot of my latest favourite ring, AP's Night Carnival 

Hope everyone has a very lovely Christmas! xxx 
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